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   Badger Flats Gazette

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The Badger Flats Gazette

A new feature will also be added to, links to The Badger Flats Gazette, a paper dedicated to taking on public official corruption.  The Badger Flats Gazette currently has many videos of Gene Forte, founder of, exemplifying what and how the government violates your rights and covers it up.

It always comes out when the Good ol' Boys least expect it, and discusses issues such as unethical attorneys, unscrupulous public officials and other unsavory types skimming money off the top of projects intended for the public good.

Not all attorneys, judges and public officials are bad.  Now more than ever, the good ones need our help to expose the bad guys and stand up for them as citizens.  They cannot do it on their own without being drummed out of the ranks and suffering reprisal.

Sad to say, many of the proffered well-intended and good sounding projects were designed to only pass the public sniff test.  In reality, they're ripe with low hanging fruit for corrupt public officials and corrupt regulators to pick and line their pockets.

Face it, with the wells running dry from the looting by our public officials, they are desperately seeking new targets of opportunity.  You, your company, or your employer, could be their next mark.  It will trickle down to you.

Preview Page

"Busting Bad Attorneys, Judges, Public Officials
and News Organizations They are in Bed With" was created as a vehicle to encourage attorneys, judges, public officials and the media to perform their duties with ethics and responsibility, and promote laws that would discourage them from abusing special privileges.

Certain privileges must be preserved, but used with responsibility and for the proper purposes intended.  The privilege should not be able to be used as a shield by the unethical attorney, judge or public official to avoid prosecution.  At the point the privilege is abused, the person should not be afforded more protection from prosecution and liability than the ordinary citizen.

Freedom of the Press should not mean that they are free from upholding their duty to report.  It is the ethical responsibility of journalists to act as the eyes and ears of the public by reporting on the acts of public officials for all to know and then make an informed judgment. The Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists ( states in part “public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues.” will expose public official corruption which emanates from public officials ignoring their duty to report crimes of corrupt attorneys and corrupt judges for investigation. is dedicated to exposing corruption of the American judicial system by corrupt attorneys, judges, judicial officers, public officials beginning at the level of local communities, the Superior Court and Municipal Courts, and will endeavor to have offenders prosecuted and removed from public office with pensions stripped.

Gene Forte